Love Again Publishing date now September 2020

Love Again Publishing date now September 2020

Due to Covid -19, the publication of my second novel, Love Again, has been changed to 24th September 2020, two months later than expected. For those of you who have been contacting me about it, I hope you’ll think it’s worth the wait.

Writing Under Lock down

Writing is my super power. I simply love writing. At this strange time, the lock down has given me extra time to write and tackle real life issues, which I like to flavour my books with. I’ve found time to do more of everything. Cry, laugh,exercise,listen, learn and love more. Life has always held my respect, always been appreciated by me, and now I can’t stop acknowledging gratitude. I am grateful for my life, my children and grandchildren, my wider family and circle of friends. At this strange time, my love for my art, for writing is a real comfort.

Love Again will be published in 2020

Love Again will be published in 2020

I am super excited that my second novel, Love Again will be published in 2020, as part of Jacaranda’s 2020 vision for writers of colour.


As a young black woman in the 80s and 90s, I quickly became aware of the mainstream white, male culture that dominated the publishing industry. I was also aware of the unsung literary talents from African and Caribbean writers whose stories were buried, over looked or dismissed by the powerful publishing houses, who seemed to be working hard towards marginalising black voices and experiences through our writings. Pidgeon-holing us into categories that felt comfortable and manageable for the industry, that kept BME stories and writing separate in book shops and on library shelves.

The change for me came in the form of Jacaranda Books Art and Music. Thank goodness for Jacaranda and Words of Colour. There is now a platform and great hope for BME writers with diverse stories across genres that can be enjoyed by multi-cultural Britain. A writer is a writer and a good writer is a good writer, the skin colour should not come into it.

For my second novel, Love Again to be included in the #Twentyin2020 campaign is exciting and exhilarating all at the same time. There is no better time to be given the opportunity and the platform to present multi-cultural Britain with diverse voices and whose story-telling is woven from a mixture of rich, diverse cultures that transport the reader into a world, not so unfamiliar to their own.

Jacaranda reveals plans to publish 20 black British writers in 2020


Love Again (Out 24th September 2020)

Honey Fontaine was born to a 13-year-old mother, who in later years became the self-appointed vanguard of finding her a suitable husband. And when Natasha Fontaine said ‘suitable’ that entails a financially successful man and nothing less will do. Natasha herself turned her life around and married a wealthy business man, thus ensuring stability for her and her daughter.

Honey is ‘sold’ by her best friend, Fatty to Ashley Elliott, business man and entrepreneur, but not the type of husband Natasha has in mind for her daughter. Fatty demands £200 from Ashley for an introduction to Honey, who had no clue about this and is very reluctant once she discovers the fact.

Initially Honey is not impressed with Ashley, until she discovers a way he could help her. She convinces him to pretend to be her boyfriend to halt her mother’s husband hunting for her. What she’s unaware of are the feelings that will deepen and challenge them both.

Ashley is handsome with the privileged and entitled behaviour that goes with good looks. He is also wealthy, troubled by his mother’s mental health, holds a deep hatred for his absconding father and has no clue about commitment. He is shocked by his intense feelings for Honey Fontaine, and is frustrated that he has many mountains to cross before her interest is stirred.

Neither Honey nor Ashley are aware of the changes they will bring to each other’s lives, as their relationship grow and deepen; produce a child; reach breaking point; disintegrate and resurface five years later . . . and there lies the painful challenges for them both.

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