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Author, Writer, Novelist, Journalist, Radio Presenter and Speaker, with a back ground in gender base violence and domestic abuse.

Hi and thanks for visiting my site. Writing can be a lonely activity that eats away at your time, so when I create extra time, I ensure I spend it with my family and friends, travelling, if possible, and of course hearing feedback from my readers.

I was born in Jamaica, where I spent my formative years before joining my parents in England. When I arrived at seven-years old to live in Hertfordshire, my first two gifts from my parents were a blond haired speaking doll, who when her back was pressed told me her name was Lucy, and a story book, a book filled with what seemed like hundreds of stories because it had so many pages. I loved those two gifts equally for the same reason. They entertained my imagination, and now I know they were developing my creativity.

I went through the usual childhood development phases of who I wanted to be when I grew up; I wanted to be a singer, (though I couldn’t sing) I wanted to be a doctor, (so I could save people’s lives) and I wanted to be a nun, (so God could explain the things I didn’t understand in the bible.) My inspiration for writing initially came from my father’s stories, that big story book and a gift of a five-year diary when I was twelve years old.

One of the things readers often asks is what inspires me to write. Well, I’m inspired to write after life’s greatest events, such as the birth of a child or finding love, or life’s darkest moments, heartbreak, betrayal, illness, death. My inspiration comes from your story, movies, music, radio dramas, conversations and of course, eavesdropping.

I find that writing offers the opportunity to share lifestyles, cultures, thoughts and energy. Writing is preserving, showing, telling and sharing experiences that exist, and are not necessarily our own.

My English teacher, Mr Feeney, wrote in my end of year report for my final year; a brilliant author who hides her light under a bushel. I had no idea what that meant then.

My parents were steadfast in their approach to their children’s education and plans for our future. After leaving college, I really had no idea of what I wanted to do. My mother wanted me to go into nursing and my father thought I should be a lawyer, because, in his own words, ‘you have an answer for everything.’  I applied to study nursing and was offered a place at my local hospital, but fate led me to London . . . where work and life enhanced my creativity and my love for writing, especially about my passion – the lives of women and girls.

Runner up in the Saga Literary Prize

Swimming with Fishes

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