Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

“It’s difficult to classify myself solely as a writer of romance, when in fact writing about women’s lives, and the complexities that has gone into making her that woman, entails a great deal more than romance.”

Next Book Out September 24th 2020

Love Again

Runner up in the Saga Literary Prize

Swimming with Fishes

Celebrating 🥳 my sistren’s birthday as her sister sings ...

I carry my grief well.

I’ve been studying grief.

I’ve completed a short book on the effects of grief - my way of bleeding onto the page, of coming to terms with loss.

What is grief but love with nowhere to go.

My reality is I’m at the beginning of a lifetime of missing my first love, the man who made me a mother.

… And life goes on.

Work continues.

I’m looking forward to my new projects, which I’ll be sharing soon.

#lifegoeson #grief #griefteacheslove #imissyou #newyear #newbeginnings #forever #loveyoualways #missyouforever #gratitude #lifeisprecious #lifeafterlife #behappy

🥳 🥳 🥳🥳🥳 HNY

2021 … Sharing a few things I’m grateful for:

Every single moment of life & the joys or lessons it brought

Good health in mind, body & spirit

My family, some of the reasons for my happiness, my inner glow

My writing, it keeps me going & growing

Memories, they kept me connected

Being shortlisted for the Romantic Novelist Association Award

News that my first novel, Swimming With Fishes had its audio rights bought by a Denmark publishing company

News that my second novel, Love Again will be published in the US in February 2022

The walking, talking & time spent with my children, grandchildren, wider family & friends

That some of the people I lost this year was unbelievably awesome & I’m glad they gave me some of their precious time

That I was down a lot, but I never stayed there

My toast to you - Happy New year - and here’s hoping that the best of your 2021, will be the worst of your 2022.

#2022 #happynewyear #atoasttolife #awesomepeople #familytime #grandchildren #children #grateful #gratitudeisamust #gratitudeattitude
#creator #blessings

Out and about in Ealing with the wonderful Yan, or Rose, as she likes to be called.

Rose started of as one of my clients, who quickly found her way into my heart with her warmth, kind & giving nature & wicked sense of humour 😂😂😂

She now classes herself as one of my good friends & constantly checks on my well-being. Hence she came to force me away from my laptop & out for an Xmas drink 🍹

#girlsnightout #friendship #eatout #writerslife #wellbeing #forevergrateful #xmasdrink #christmas #itschristmastime

Meet Lourenna, #influencer stylewithflaremua & her beautiful model daughter.

Lovely meeting you both.

#reader #readerlife #readersofig #stylewithflare #influencers

Hey IG Fam,

The past eighteen months I’ve seen an increase in people wanting to write a book.

Whether it’s their own life story or a self-help book that they want to share their techniques of overcoming traumas, heartbreak or loss.

I’ve seen an increase in people wanting to write fiction, romance in particular and commercial fiction. People have stories to tell & humans by natural instinct want to share their experiences.

The three online creative writing workshops that I’ve so far hosted this year has introduced me to some talented, creative & critical thinkers who created quality time to write & work on their masterpieces. They also joined to write their way back to well-being & wellness.

So, our online JustWrite Creative Writing Workshops will continue throughout 2022, giving women who write, women who want to write, the time, the opportunity & the platform to produce pieces to publishable standards.

The tribe of female writers are friendly, creative & have bonded with each other which creates room to laugh, cry & socialise every Saturday morning.

You’re more than welcome to join us if that book inside you is ready to be delivered.

#writingworkshops #writingforwellbeing #justwrite #newtowriting #getthatbookdone #bookinside #writingforwellness #writers #writerslife

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