Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

“It’s difficult to classify myself solely as a writer of romance, when in fact writing about women’s lives, and the complexities that has gone into making her that woman, entails a great deal more than romance.”

Next Book Out September 24th 2020

Love Again

Runner up in the Saga Literary Prize

Swimming with Fishes

Love is an everyday occurrence. Love stories are more than romance-happy-ever-after-troupes.

Love stories come in multiple forms, exploring life,loss, grief & emotions.

Love is disruptive. ❤️ Love can torment. ❤️Love can rip you to pieces. ❤️Love can change you. ❤️Love introduces you to your higher self. ❤️Love can teach you to love you. ❤️Love heals. ❤️Love lives in the soul.

Immerse yourself in a love story. Follow the journey of love. @jacarandabooks 

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January was the month of my birth. 

It was a reflective month for me. I took time out to see how I was doing, and in doing so, I spent three days overwhelmed & crying as I considered I was heading for the forth year without my greatest cheerleader, my bestie, my forever love & father of my four children. 

Nearly four years and it still sometimes feels so raw, and daunting, so lonely, although I’m not alone.

To think this is my life now, a life without the only person I could disturb, wake up at 2am to talk crap, to let off ideas for my next book, and he would listen. The only person that knew my craziness & loved me despite. 

If I knew then what I know now, wow! Just wow!

I’ve decided that I’ll give people who adds to my spiritual growth, my creative progress, my peace, who takes time to give me a ‘care’ call to check on my healing  heart ❤️‍🩹 their flowers 🌸 🌺 💐 

If I knew then, what I know now, wow! Just. . .  Wow!

I want to give flowers today to my second baby boy, @original_drederal who always supports my dreams, my sister-friend @jackeeholderinspires who gives me good vibes, my writing tribes online & face-to-face, who gives me food for thought & lessons that builds.

Big up @hfwritersfest - female authors of colour & indie authors festival. 

Big up @wilde_foundation - keep filling my void.

And I’m sending spiritual flowers to my newly departed sister-friend, @ziporahsinspirations - a beautiful soul with the gentlest spirit, RIP, siStar ⭐️ 💫 🌟 

Life Happens. You got to do YOU.  @sharontomlin_nhau 

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Grand Rising IG Fam,

The most inspirational thing for a writer is to know your book is being read and enjoyed.

@gigglesnthrills @hfwritersfest 

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Give thanks for the blessings & I’m sending & returning love, healing prayers, comfort & joy straight to your soul. 

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Stepping out of 2023.

Making memories . . . 

From my Tribe to yours ❤️🎉❤️

🥂 🍾 🥂🍾

Here’s to 2024 and to possibilities 🎉🎉🎉

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Though I don’t celebrate Xmas on 25 December, I celebrate & enjoy time with family, friends & colleagues. @hope4amal1 @wilde_foundation @hfwritersfest 

I enjoy the story-telling, the jokes that keeps the laughter flowing, the conversations that stirs & shares knowledge, that ignites the imagination & of course, the food & drinks. 

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It’s began. Creative activities leading up to The WILDE Foundation Writers Festival 2024.

The competition is open to unpublished writers, and indie authors. You have until 31st May to complete your masterpiece. Do enjoy the creating journey, whether you’re writing poetry or prose - there are always readers waiting to explore your work.

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