Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

“It’s difficult to classify myself solely as a writer of romance, when in fact writing about women’s lives, and the complexities that has gone into making her that woman, entails a great deal more than romance.”

Next Book Out September 24th 2020

Love Again

Runner up in the Saga Literary Prize

Swimming with Fishes

When an idea grabs you - grab your laptop and write anywhere.

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I wish you could’ve met her.

I’m feeling emotional. When a writer dies, a whole Library is lost.

When my author bredren, Kwame McPherson messaged me with the saddest news that our author friend, Roslyn Blaize had joined the ancestors, it was a kick in the gut, a trigger linking me back to the ever changing shape of grief that has shadowed me since 2020, the loss of my first love.

I had known Rose, (what we called her) for just over a year. She interviewed me on her Media Network TV Book Show in 2020.

She kindly hosted my online book launch for my second novel, Love Again . . . she was absolutely amazing, awesome, warm & funny, full on intelligence & a great reviewer & lover of books. A great conversationalist & debater.

She was an emerging author, her book, ‘Truthinghdom’ was published by Austin Macauley & her YA book, Shadow Shadow, was her accomplished dream.

She hosted her own Book Show on Medianetlive TV, where as I said before, I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by her. She was a true professional & took pride in her work as a social worker, a broadcaster & an author. She had the most delicious radio voice which could read you to sleep. I wish you could’ve known her too.

I know you’ll be writing masterpieces in Paradise 🙏🏾

Sending prayers & condolences to her children and wider family🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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My kind of weather - I just love the sunshine - it immediately lifts my spirit & chase any blues away.

I hosted a one day creative writing workshop for female prison officers - I thoroughly enjoyed the day & the enthusiasm of the women who took part. I’ve been invited back to deliver workshops to the officers & their female clients, which I’m looking forward to.

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Hey IG Fam - my 6 weeks writing workshop, STILL I WRITE is back - we’re online so open to my international tribe.

For more info & to register email:

You’ll go through this writing journey with a tribe of like-minded people that have the same goals as you. To complete their first book.

Why do you want to write a book? Is it to leave a legacy? To fulfil a need? To express your feelings on paper? To help others? To use as a tool for your business?

Think about it and join me.

Look forward to meeting the writer in you.

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Hey IG Fam,

As well as a busy writing life, I’m a part of a global network of awesome women & on Thursday 19th August at 4pm BST, I will be leading the conversation on ‘How many hats do women wear?’


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The Land of my Umbilicus …

I was 7 years-old when I left Jamaica and joined my parents and big sister in the UK.

I was driven straight to Hertfordshire where I lived until I left home at 19 & headed for the bright lights of London - never did get to see the bright lights, Lol 😂

I have never forgotten my homeland, as soon as I had children, my partner and I took them to experience that wonderful island every summer & I’m proud that they all love Jamaica as much as their parents.

My first novel, Swimming With Fishes, was partially set on that beautiful island.

The island has its problems like we know, but the island isn’t a problem - it’s some of the people that inhabit the island that causes the problem.

Jamaica remains one of my favourite places to write.

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Hanging with my nieces at a family barbecue birthday party. The conversations deserve a chapter in a contemporary novel.

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