Rasheda Ashanti Malcolm

“It’s difficult to classify myself solely as a writer of romance, when in fact writing about women’s lives, and the complexities that has gone into making her that woman, entails a great deal more than romance.”

Next Book Out September 24th 2020

Love Again

Runner up in the Saga Literary Prize

Swimming with Fishes

Believe when I tell you the small team behind @hfwritersfest are working flat out to make this writers’ festival happen.

We believe in our writers & authors of colour, in our indie authors who face the greatest challenges to get their stories heard.

Believe us when we say the mountains appear out of nowhere just as you think you’ve conquered the highest of them.

You have to keep going, keep believing & eventually knowing that things will come together & arrive in splendour.

For writers & authors, WRITING is our super power 💪🏽💪🏼💪🏾💪🏿💪

And for @wilde_foundation for @hfwritersfest this platform is not a luxury but a necessity.

 We’re gonna move the highest mountains & cross the greatest oceans to deliver some of the crème de la crème of the writing industry. Aspiring, award winners & seasoned writers.

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It was a wonderful, incredible & fun end to an awesome evening spent in the company of female entrepreneurs & charity owners.

Great meeting you @the.sortieproject - it was awesome being in the company of such warmth & inspirational energy.

Thank you @mamahavenuk 

We were all presented with a goodie bag containing a scented candle, organic tea bag and You Got This inspiring quote cards.

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Chase away your Monday blues (if you have any) with the knowledge that you will be inspired by authors, writers & speakers at this year’s Female Authors of Colour & Indie Authors Writers Festival in July.

Wake up feeling fabulous & ready to write your own book or read a book by one of your favourite authors.

Read wide, try a different genre, get transported to another world.

At the festival you’ll be inspired by our Author Chat between @iamlisabent and @njambimcgrath - they’ll leave you feeling fabulous, empowered and entertained, as you get a front seat to witness the lifestyle & journey of an author.

Do you know your purpose? Hey siStar 🌟 go! 

Follow @hfwritersfest for updates on this unique & spectacular festival.

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The best thing about @londonbookfair was the networking opportunities with authors, writers, editors, publishers & creatives. Some from across the ocean.

Looking forward to the @hfwritersfest for female authors of colour & indie authors from all backgrounds. July 5th & 6th, the dates not to miss.

 #bookfair #authors #writers #editors #publishers #agents #writersfestival
Another successful writing class completed, turning up to the page ready to release & share.

#writing #buddingauthors #writers #yestheycan
Always great bumping into familiar faces at the London Book Festival. 

#bookfair #authors #writers #readers
Happy heavenly Mother’s Day, my darling Mummy.

Bigging you up because you chose such a wonderful man to be your children’s father. 

Bigging you up because you dished out tough LOVE ❤️ which I grew to appreciate when I became a mother.

It’s because of you my children we’re not allowed sleep-overs with friends, you trusted no-one to look after us. Your way of protecting us.

Bigging you up because you loved your grandchildren.

I continue to miss your quirky funny ways which bloomed when you became a grandmother.

I miss that l can’t phone you to have a chat, and how I use to bring your grandchildren to see you and you would have baked scones & bread pudding for us. 

You would pack a bag with snacks for the boys to take home, and even though they are all grown up now, they continue to talk with BIG love about you and Daddy.

This picture was our last holiday in Jamaica together with your daughters.

There’s no love like a mother’s love ❤️ ❤️❤️

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers, biological & universal Mothers.

#motherhood #mothersday #motherslove #mothers #mothers #mymummy
International Women’s Day, 2024 - there’s nothing inclusive about wars. Wars exclude so many from humanity.

Humankind have always been selective on who they consider human.

 When I think about *Inclusivity* I think about being *Inclusive* with health-care, with food, clothes, shelter. With peace, love, respect, opportunities for growth, with representation. Be *Inclusive* with care, justice & consideration.

These are the days we will remember.

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Kicking of International Women’s Month with the @wilde_foundation Human Stories Project.

#writers #iwm #iwd #celebrating #women #inspiringwomen #humanstories #wearefamily
I feel blessed to know so many awesome writers. 

Thanks to @wilde_foundation my world is filled with passion, creativity & awesome authors & budding writers.

So it made sense to provide a platform to highlight these authors & writers.

You too can meet these authors & writers @hfwritersfest 5 & 6 July. Follow @hfwritersfest to keep updated & in the loop.

AI workshop for writers, facilitated by crime fiction author, @stellaonithewriter & editorial advice from the editorial team at @simonschusteruk 

And much more to come. If you write, you’ll want to be there. If you read, you’ll want to be there. If you love networking & socialising with creatives, you’ll want to be there.

Keep an eye on https://www.handfwritersfestival.co.uk for more info.

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